Lucia Donnangelo

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Uruguayan

Education: Economics, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay; graduated in 2016

Pre-MBA industry: Think tank/politics

Pre-MBA role: Policy Director, Ciudadanos

Clubs: Women in Business Club, Tech and Media Club, Women’s Touch Rugby Club

About me: Lucia is from Montevideo in Uruguay. She graduated as an economist from Universidad de Montevideo in 2016. Lucia worked for three years at CERES, Uruguay’s top think tank, where she performed data analysis and economic research to understand emerging markets intricacies. Following this, she switched sector to become the policy director for a national presidential campaign. In this role, she managed a team of 350 people to create a new policy plan with comprehensive proposals in all government fields. 

In her pursuit of generating impact, Lucia decided to pursue an MBA in London Business School to delve into different paths to take, better understand the workings of the corporate world and refine her leadership skills. Lucia is now an active member of the Tech and Media Club and, as a sports enthusiast, she has also joined the Women’s Touch Rugby, Running and Expedition clubs. Lucia enjoys dancing, teaching and meeting new people.

Three topics I can be approached about: Doing the MBA with your partner; applying from Latin America; non-traditional background

Email address: luciad.mba2022@london.edu

Lucia Donnangelo was a recipient of the MBA BK Birla Scholars Programme

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