Luca Toraldo

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Financial Analysis
  • Global Nationality: Italian

Education: BSc, Bocconi University; graduated in 2018

Topic(s) studied: Economics and Finance

Interested in: Investment banking, private equity

My greatest challenge when applying to business school was: Studying the GMAT while working full-time

About me: I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and I have always loved the thrill of exploring opportunities and taking the unconventional route. In high school I was the only student in my class to enroll in an exchange programme that took me to a small town outside New Orleans, USA. Following my senior year, I decided to embark on a journey that led me to Bocconi University. After my bachelor’s degree, I decided to experience first-hand the financial industry, and I had the privilege to work for UBS and Macquarie as an off-cycle intern. I am a sports fanatic and I have had the honor of representing Italy at several international competitions, both as a swimmer and as a member of the Modern Pentathlon team. Ancient Romans used to say “Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis” - all things change, and we change with them; as my year at LBS begins, I seek change and to be challenged, so to tackle my next adventure with broader horizons and fresh new perspectives.

Three topics I can be approached about: Applying to LBS; sports; life in London

Email address: ltoraldo.mfa2021@london.edu