Kemi Badru

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Nigerian/British

Education: University College London; graduated in 2010

Pre-MBA industry: Accounting and finance

Pre-MBA role: Finance, HSBC

Clubs: Private Equity & Venture Capital; Infrastructure & Construction Club; Africa Club

About me: Kemi is a UK Chartered Accountant with an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences from University College London. Before the MBA, Kemi was a finance manager in financial services; she was part of a small team that worked on special projects to address and remediate financial and strategic issues and inefficiencies across multiple geographic locations. Kemi is an education champion and has worked to widen access to quality education for pupils in the communities she grew up in. She is the CFO of Canon Education, a social enterprise delivering STEM education to underprivileged students in Lagos, Nigeria, and is head of the finance committee at St Mary’s Primary School in London. Kemi is passionate about the role utilities and social infrastructure play in societies, and embarked on an MBA to transition into an investment role within the sector.

At LBS, Kemi is a co-president of the Infrastructure and Construction Club, co-president of finance for the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, and an active member of the Africa Club and Women in Business Club. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, running and lunching with friends.

Topics I can be approached about: Banking and private equity; infrastructure; Africa; responsible investing; Black in Business

Contact: kbadru.mba2021@london.edu