Jorge Jimeno Pascual

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Spanish

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration

Finance sector: Financial consulting

Previous or current role: Senior Consultant, EY

About me: Before joining London Business School, Jorge worked in Ernst & Young (EY) financial services risk management practice as a senior consultant. He was based in Madrid, but also participated in international projects worldwide. The project-based work provided him with insight across different industries and direct contact and continuous exposure with clients which helped him to have a better understanding of the financial industry.

Since Jorge graduated back in 2016, he was keen to continue his studies with a postgraduate programme. For him, any learning experience is much more enriching if it is connected to real-life problems and key challenges that the industry faces. He believes that LBS provides a diverse cohort, contributes to enhancing his network, upskills his profile and provides better positioning for a career move. These were some of the reasons that made him feel it was time to reshape his career and embrace this opportunity through the LBS MIF programme.

Additionally, with his background as a professional futsal player and his interest in trading and investing, Jorge took the opportunity to become part of the Investment Management Club as Wealth Management Lead and the LBS football team, enjoying the fascinating social life that LBS offers to its community.

Contact: jorgej.mifft2022@london.edu