Jonathon Buck

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British

Jonathon grew up in London and studied economics and politics at the University of Exeter. He then worked as a manager for AlphaSights in London, before moving to San Francisco to build out the venture capital practice there and scale the office from 10 to 47 employees. Jonathon decided to pursue an MBA to build on his interest in corporate strategy and business development, and hopes to move into a full-time role in strategy consulting after LBS. He chose LBS for a number of reasons, including the international diversity of the cohort and flexibility of the programme.

At LBS, Jonathon is an Executive Committee member of the Snow Club and is a co-lead for the school's Mental Health Awareness Week. He is also an active member of LBS' Rugby Club and the Impact Consulting Club.

Contact: jbuck.mba2021@london.edu