Ji Cui

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Chinese

Ji is a MiM2020 student and is currently undertaking the optional fourth term.

Education: Bachelor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; graduated in 2019

Topic(s) studied: Finance

Interested in: Banking, consulting

My greatest challenge when applying to business school was: Balancing my life in the midst of my GRE and application preparation

About me: Born and raised in Shanghai, China, the city became my comfort zone, and I was unsure if I would like to start my career there. Also, as I studied finance at university and interned at consulting firms, I felt open to other industries and eager to explore more opportunities as well. With such thoughts in mind, I started looking into LBS, which has long been renowned for its diversity and inclusivity. Here at LBS, I met amazing people who are always open to share both their life stories and industry experiences. I see such friendships as a lifetime asset.

My electives: Global Capital Markets and Currencies; Negotiation & Bargaining; Supply Chain Management; Corporate Finance; Capital Markets

Why I chose to do the fourth term: To explore more of London and student life.

Email address: jcui.mim2020@london.edu