Jacob Appelbaum

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: American

Jacob grew up in Massachusetts and studied Anthropology at Dartmouth College. After graduating, he moved to the Pacific living on small atolls in Tokelau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Before joining London Business School (LBS), he was the manager of the Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm, a producer of aquacultured clams, corals and marine invertebrates for the marine ornamental trade.

Jacob decided to pursue an MBA to build on his experience managing a business and chose LBS because of its amazing diversity and global reputation. At LBS, he is on the executive committees of the Energy Club and Social Impact Club whilst taking part in the events and projects offered by many other clubs. He is enjoying the opportunity to experience big city life exploring London and taking advantage of the easy access to the surrounding countryside and the rest of Europe.

Contact: jappelbaum.mba2020@london.edu