Isahelen Chen

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Financial Analysis
  • Global Nationality: Chinese

Education: Bachelors, Mount Holyoke College, USA; graduated in 2020

Topic(s) studied: Mathematics and Economics

Interested in: Investment banking, private equity, impact investing

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: I had no previous finance or business background

About me: Hello, my name is Isahelen. I love exploring new fields and learning new things. I have lived in several countries in three continents of the world. I grew up in China, went to the US for undergraduate study at a liberal arts college, and double majored in Mathematics and Economics. During my junior year, I studied abroad for one year at the London School of Economics. Now I am reading for Masters in Financial Analysis at London Business School. During my undergraduate time, I explored many fields by going to summer schools, studying art history and learning languages that are outside of my majors’ scope, as well as taking internships. Eventually, I found my passion in finance. At my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, I was a leader in the Chinese Dance Team, and I worked as a teaching assistant for the Mathematics Department for one year. Before coming to LBS, I had a gap year taking an internship at a private equity firm. I am currently aiming for roles in banking in London. During my spare time, I love travelling, visiting museums, scuba diving and volunteering. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the LBS application. I am happy to help!

Three topics I can be approached about: Student life at LBS; Women in Banking; liberal arts college student applying to LBS

Email address: ichen.mfa2022@london.edu