Giulia Angelucci

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian

Giulia started her career at McKinsey as a strategy consultant after graduating from the University of Sao Paulo. Having decided to go into the execution side of the business, Giulia moved to Italy, where she led finance for marketing categories at Kraft Heinz. She later moved to the USA to work at the company headquarters driving execution for revenue management initiatives.

The decision to come to London Business School (LBS) was driven by Giulia's desire to make a triple switch: change industry, job function and region. Today she leverages the MBA time to develop deeper leadership skills, gain knowledge of new venture funding and scaling, and build a diverse network throughout London. Giulia wants to make the most of her time on the programme and as such has become an active member of the Tech Club, is the social chair of the Brazil Club, and is taking advantage of LondonCAP and GLAM programmes.

Off-campus she enjoys travelling through Europe (especially Paris), trying new restaurants around the city, and going to shows and exhibitions.

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