Fehd Marrakchi

Education: Bachelors, University of Bath, UK; graduated in 2020

Topic(s) studied: Business Administration

Interested in: Technology, energy

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Making my essays truly reflect who I am

About me: Born and raised in Morocco, I am a Bath Graduate in Business Administration. Fluent in four languages (Spanish, French, Arabic, English), I have lived and worked in four different countries (Morocco, UK, USA, Singapore) during my life.

My most significant experience to date is my placement at NIUM, a Singapore-based cross-border payments startup. There, I developed a passion for technology, pitching products and sales. I also had the chance to travel across 12 countries during my time in South-East Asia, including Australia and New Zealand with a backpack. After my degree, I decided to take a gap year to figure things out further and get some more experience. I worked as a private equity intern at a Moroccan investment firm and as a business development associate for a tech startup.

I am currently completing the GMiM programme at LBS, which includes a double-degree with Fudan University (Shanghai). I also joined the Energy & Environment Club Executive Committee as Vice President of Sponsorships. In addition, I am working with Axelerate (a student-led consultancy) as part of their Clients team.

I am passionate about travelling/adventure, and I love being surrounded by multicultural individuals from across the globe, which is one of the main reasons why I chose LBS.

Three topics I can be approached about: Life at London Business School, Energy & Environment Club, moving to London (but anything else really!)

Email address: fmarrakchi.mim2022@london.edu