Fade Adegbohun

Education: Master of Science in Chemical Process Engineering, University College London, UK; graduated in 2012

Pre-MBA industry: Consulting

Pre-MBA role: Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Clubs: Black in Business Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Finance Club, Africa Club, Women's Touch Rugby Club

About me: Fade is a Chemical Engineering graduate from University College London. She began her career as a business analyst with Hyde Energy, a petroleum trading firm in Nigeria. Thereafter, she worked in the Office of the CEO at UBS Investment Bank, and later joined Accenture as a strategy consultant. Her work entailed combining strategic thinking with hands-on delivery experience in helping her clients improve their financial performance and create lasting value across their enterprise.

She finds mentoring university students looking to get on the corporate ladder an enjoyable and rewarding experience. For this reason, she joined The Sequoia Platform where she is changing the narrative by inspiring students from underrepresented minority groups to become authentic leaders and improving access to employment opportunities.

Fade chose to pursue the MBA at LBS to develop her leadership skills and make a career transition to investments. She looks to specialise in infrastructure investment, working on projects that strengthen communities by creating new digital, transport and social infrastructure. She is an active member of the Black in Business Club, Finance Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Africa Club and Women's Touch Rugby Club.

In her spare time, she volunteers with educational charities, and enjoys watching movies and spending time with family and friends.

Three topics I can be approached about: Black in Business; living in London; application process

Email address: fadegbohun.mba2023@london.edu