Diego Vogas Maida

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian/Italian

Education: Economics

Finance sector: Derivatives sales and trading

Previous or current role: Vice President, Citigroup

About me: Diego comes from Brazil but has lived in other countries, such as Chile and Mexico. His exposure to other cultures gave him another view of the world, and he always wanted to explore it across other places.

He is passionate about football (not surprisingly given his birthplace), poker and financial markets. He has been playing football since he was young, and represented semi-professional clubs in Mexico, as well as the universities he studied at in Brazil, and now he is part of the LBS team. Poker, his other passion, is something he discovered because of his desire to understand more about human behaviour and the use of statistics in real life outside of papers. Lastly, but not least, financial markets. With a BSc in Economics and a postgraduate degree in economics as well, he started working while still in college for a big bank in Brazil, ItauBBA, as a commodities seller. After one year he moved to the derivatives desk and since then he has been working in sales & trading for options in Brazil, covering different type of clients, from AM/HF to privates and pension funds. Before coming to LBS, Diego joined Citigroup in 2019 to develop the sales & trading structure for local options in Brazil.

He got married recently. His wife loves to travel, as Diego does, and they plan to visit as many countries as they can during their stay in the UK. They have already been to Edinburgh (Scotland), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Piedmont (Italy) during the first three months of the course.

He joined different clubs at LBS and is very active in them, alongside his student ambassador role. After graduation, he plans to transition towards buy side, as a trader/PM for an AM/HF in the UK. His ideal role would be dealing with volatility, the asset class that he has expertise in.

Contact: diegov.mifft2022@london.edu