Clementine Hueber

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: French

Education: Bachelors, EDHEC Business School, France; graduated in 2021

Topic(s) studied: Business Administration and Finance

Interested in: Consulting, FMCG, health

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: GMAT and finding the right way to portray myself through my applications

About me: Born in France, I had the chance to move abroad when I was 11. Being an expatriate in Australia, China and South Korea was for me an eye-opening experience in terms of broad-mindedness, adaptability and discovery of cultures. After finishing my last year of high school in Seoul, I wanted to further explore new cultures and environments, which is why I joined the EDHEC Business School BBA in France. I continued to accumulate foreign experience (professional and educational) in Asia (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong) and Europe (Nice and Munich).

After finishing my Bachelors, I did not yet feel entirely prepared for what was coming, which is the reason that I chose to do a Masters in Management. I was looking for an international, supportive and vibrant community, where I could continue to be surrounded by incredible students. In addition to that, I was also looking for a school that would help me to grow personally and professionally.

My experience at LBS so far has been exceptional; I am thankful to be surrounded by such a diverse and open-minded community, the Career Centre has helped me to broaden my knowledge of different industries and jobs, and I am excited for what is yet to come!

Three topics I can be approached about: Moving to London; application tips; the MiM experience

Email address: chueber.mim2022@london.edu