Brynne Herbert

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: American
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Associate, Principal Finance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Founder and CEO, MOVE Guides

I had entrepreneurial ambitions right from the beginning of my MBA. Aside from a good knowledge of finance and investing, my experience of other core business subjects like strategy and marketing was limited, and certainly not strong enough to support a compelling business plan. I was already incubating a new business idea – to change the way people move between cities – and it was essential to choose a programme that would enable me to build a truly global business. 

London Business School, with its international outlook, diverse student body and entrepreneurial offerings, gave me the knowledge, and the courage, to pursue my start-up. I was able to rigorously analyse my concept, and absorb, weigh and implement diverse ideas. I learned how to solve business problems and provide better solutions to customers. And, as well as concrete skills such as evaluating marketing strategies and valuing the early stage business, I received feedback and support from a professional group of classmates and faculty. 

In addition to gaining a more structured approach to business, my MBA introduced me to a diverse global network. This created a whole new set of opportunities, one of which was the chance to work part-time for Heather McGregor from Taylor Bennett, who writes a weekly column in the Financial Times. A great mentor, she introduced me to contacts, ranging from FTSE 100 chairmen to members of the royal family. The large number of School clubs and campus events meant I also had access to numerous speakers, including inspiring entrepreneurs like Brent Hoberman (founder of and Sherry Coutu (serial angel investor). To my mind, this kind of exposure is one of the greatest things about London Business School. 

My business, MOVE Guides, was founded during the course of my MBA. High-quality entrepreneurship classes, experienced professors and talented classmates all played a part in developing my vision. Students are always eager to help others, faculty are open to brainstorming and alumni respond quickly to queries for advice. For me, the defining feature of the programme was the support – support that helped me navigate the concurrent challenges of building a start-up and completing an MBA. 

Modern careers require global perspectives, strong networks and innovative thought. I believe London is the most exciting place on earth from which to build a global business, and that London Business School is the place to do it.