Ayna Babylova

Education: BA Business Administration

Finance sector: Investment banking

Previous or current role Principal Banker, EBRD

About me: Ayna is from Turkmenistan. During the past nine years she has been based in London, UK. Prior to joining the programme, Ayna was an investment banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. She managed client relationships and executed debt and equity investments with tangible ESG impact in a number of developing countries. She worked with corporate clients in the agribusiness sector including FMCG companies, retail chains, food supply chain managers and commodity traders.

Ayna joined the Master’s in Finance programme to deepen her knowledge in various areas of finance, build her professional network and gain soft skills that would help advance her career. Ayna is passionate about impact investing and women’s empowerment and is an active member of Social Impact, Women in Business, Private Equity & Venture Capital and Consulting clubs. Ayna has two young children and is eager to share her experience with students relocating to London with families.

Contact: ababylova.mifft2022@london.edu