Andrea Lara Cid Antunez

Previous degree: Financial Management

Finance sector pre-MiF: Impact investing

Previous or current role: Investment Analyst, IFC

Clubs: ICC

About me: Andrea has 5 years of experience in finance and investment analysis. Her passion lies in driving positive change through impact investing and she is committed to the principles of ESG standards and financial inclusion.
As a freelance business and finance writer, she leverages her expertise to create insightful content that demystifies complex financial topics, promotes responsible investing and empowers people to make informed financial decisions.
The LBS Masters in Finance represented the best opportunity for Andrea to further develop as an impact investing professional, given its diverse alumni network, innovative courses taught by industry leaders and access to real-world case studies.
From her previous position as an Investment Analyst at IFC, she has witnessed how cultural diversity enhances creativity and problem solving, reduces social proof bias and fosters tolerance. Located in multicultural London, with over 95% international students and more than 40 nationalities, the learning and networking opportunities at LBS are tremendous.

Email: andreal.mifft2024@london.edu