Ananya Vaka

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: Indian

Education: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, IIIT Hyderabad, India; graduated in 2018

Topic(s) studied: Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Interested in: Management consulting

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Deciding which business school offer to accept

About me: I was raised in Dubai and that's where I did my schooling, before moving to India to pursue my bachelor's degree in Engineering at IIIT Hyderabad. I love travelling and exploring new cultures and languages, and have visited more than 20 countries. The wildest entry on my bucket list is to visit Antarctica someday! Books have been my companions for the longest time. When I’m feeling low all I need is a good read. I enjoy reading American classics in my free time. I feel classics transition you into a totally new world and are perfect for refreshing your mood. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby and I find the way the author describes America of the early 1920’s very intriguing. London is my favourite city and I hope to work in London after my masters. Though I had been to London only a couple of times before starting out at LBS, I just love the city. Everything about London - from the red telephone boxes and double-decker buses to Big Ben - is appealing to me! On the professional front, during my bachelor's, I interned with Etisalat and PwC in Dubai, and upon graduation, I worked in finance in Dubai. Through my coursework in engineering, I was able to experience and develop a problem-solving framework of looking at things, and working in finance enabled me to experience the client management aspect. Over time, I realised I enjoy each of the two in their own right - this is what led me to develop an interest in a career in consulting, which essentially combines the two.

Top three topics you can be approached about: Consulting, moving to London, LBS clubs