Amanda Umuze

Education: Bachelors, Lagos Business School (Pan-Atlantic University), Nigeria; graduated in 2019

Topic(s) studied: Business and Management

Interested in: Consulting, energy, diversified

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Researching and information overload

About me: I am a product of West-African and British cultures, and I call Europe and Africa home. My worldview and appreciation of diversity were shaped by the many creeds and cultures that I interacted with from an early age. I graduated with a first-class from Pan-Atlantic University and worked as a business professional in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa’s largest market. I was also a programme manager at the Nigerian Association for Women’s Advancement and seek to role model the professional capabilities of women in business. Due to my curiosity with various financial instruments and strategy implementation, I became exposed to internships at top finance and consulting firms including KPMG, First Bank and Shell. I worked in various sectors such as energy, oil and gas, retail and luxury goods, banking and social impact (pro-bono). LBS’s commitment to engendering a collaborative and experiential learning experience has been one of the major highlights of my journey here. The people are super empowering, friendly, fun-loving and ambitious. The real change-makers. Outside academics, I am a member of the Consulting Club, Women in Business Club and Foodie Club. I also enjoy exploring London with my friends. It would be my pleasure to support prospective students to choose LBS as the catalyst to accelerate the actualisation of their career goals.

Three topics I can be approached about: Putting together a well-rounded application, scholarships, moving to London; clubs and Executive Committee positions; people and culture of LBS; balancing school and job applications.

Email address: aumuze.mim2022@london.edu