Amanda Lucas Madureira

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian

Amanda holds a degree in Economics from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. She began her career in the finance department at Nestlé Brazil, where she provided support on business decisions and led strategic projects related to working capital efficiency and portfolio optimisation. Seeking new challenges, she moved to Johnson & Johnson, where she had the opportunity to work across all countries in Latin America and in different divisions, including Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Vision Care and Consumer. More recently, she moved to a position within the ethics and compliance department. Willing to expand on her current skills and capabilities, Amanda decided to come to London Business School. Her favourite aspects of the School are the diversity, and the collaborative and dynamic culture of the LBS community. Apart from being a Student Ambassador, Amanda sits on the Marketing Club Executive Committee and is an active member of the Industry club, the Women in Business club and the Brazil club.