The learning experience

Embark on the Sloan programme for a broad range of experiences and a sophisticated understanding of the issues that affect an organisation and its shareholders at the macro-level.


You develop a solid basis for effective strategic decision-making by refining your knowledge of leadership, strategy and marketing, and through the shared, diverse experiences of a lively classroom environment.

The calibre and international diversity of the Sloan class combine to create a powerful learning environment infused with real-life experience. Class discussions are intense and challenging, and are an abundant source of insights, ideas and inspiration. You develop bonds with your fellow students and build a lifetime network of powerful, global professionals.



Faculty teaching on the Sloan programme are thought leaders who combine outstanding academic credentials with extensive real-world business experience. Cutting-edge research, real-life experience and class interaction combine to deliver a learning environment that is unique and powerful.

London Business School faculty are renowned scholars and opinion formers in the business world who consult in organisations, advise governments and routinely address high-level conferences and business forums. More than 70% are from outside the UK and they offer a truly international perspective.

  • Andrew Scott - The Global Corporate Agenda

    "Teaching on the Sloan programme has invariably been rewarding. The Fellows relish the opportunity to be back in the classroom, to re-evaluate their own learning from the commercial world and supplement them with additional insights from the programme. Sometimes I like to think these learning are achieved through my efforts.  More often than not I can see that it comes from learning from each other - as should be the case for any high quality programme. 

    For my own course, with its focus on the Global Economic Environment, I particularly appreciate the Sloan enthusiasm for understanding the 'big picture' and how this is likely to shape the rest of their working career. Awareness of these issues - whether it be the credit crunch, the rise of China, the influence of sustainability or demographic change - are critical for leadership in a world that continually evolves. The relevance of these factors are accentuated for the Sloan Fellows who are seriously looking at their roles as future global leaders."

  • David Arnold - Leading the Market-Driven Organisation

    "The Sloan Fellows are more like peers than students. They are a challenging and demanding group to teach because they come to the programme with a great deal of experience and knowledge. This is both rewarding and interesting because discussions are often illuminated by personal experience from a fantastically diverse group.


    My course covers the fundamentals of marketing. It doesn't take a functional or marketing manager's view, but rather a more strategic view, providing leaders of an organisation with the relevant knowledge to stay focused on the customer and market in order to derive value. 


    The Sloans take on the ideas much faster than most other groups, and then move onto application at a rapid rate, so it is a more applied class. Their mindset is much more focused on career progression and they are reflective about what is useful. They are prepared to challenge something if it does not chime with their experience. It's a critical, demanding but very rewarding forum."

  • Dominic Houlder - Understanding Top Management

    "Having taught our Sloan Fellows since 1995, I am unashamedly biased about the quality of talent that it attracts.

    I have personally found the Sloan experience to be extraordinarily rewarding in and beyond the classroom, and continue to be in contact with many alumni.

    Joining a programme of this kind in mid-career demonstrates an appetite for personal risk, and a willingness to take responsibility for continuing personal development that companies now look for in their leaders. 

    Our commitment is to ensure that in moving forward to major leadership positions you do so with confidence, conviction, skills and renewed energy. In delivering on this commitment, we bring to bear 40 years of experience running the Sloan programme, a faculty of outstanding quality and breadth, and an environment, in both London Business School and London itself, of incomparable richness."

    Listen to Dominic Houlder discuss the Sloan experience.

  • Harry Korine - Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Relations

    "Teaching Sloans is both an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because I get to work with the very best, a challenge because I have to be my very best. Sloans have more experience than MBAs, more time than Executive Education participants and, generally, more seniority than any other group at the School. In my corporate governance course, this mix of experience, time and seniority makes for very valuable discussions. I often test new research on Sloans - if it stands their test, it is definitely ready for the world."

  • Jessica Spungin – Strategy

    “I have been teaching strategy to LBS Sloan Fellows for the last seven years and it is always amazing to see the breadth of expertise and knowledge in the room. The classes are challenging and highly engaged as people bring their real-world experience to bear on some fundamental academic concepts. Success for the class is in bringing it all together where academic thinking can supplement real-world experience and vice versa.”

  • Herminia Ibarra – Executive Leadership and Leading People and Organisations

    "“Every year Sloan Fellows come to London Business School talking about new and enhanced networks. And it is true that a good network should keep you informed, teach you new things, make you more innovative and help you challenge yourself as you flesh out ideas and innovate. Having researched and taught in this area for 20 years I know the impact of a powerful network – many happen “by accident” or through a close circle. Coming to London Business School to undertake the Sloan Masters Programme is a purposeful step towards creating and building on networks with impact.”


Study groups

Collaborative learning is a key part of the Sloan programme. This reinforces your ability to build winning teams as you navigate how to combine individual strengths to achieve the best result. You tackle group assignments in study groups on the core courses. Study groups are specifically constructed to reflect the exceptional diversity of the programme in terms of nationality, sector and professional background.  


Leadership Skills

Choose from a selection of key development workshops to hone your leadership and personal impact skills.



Learning Techniques

Lectures make up the backbone of the Sloan programme, facilitated by faculty and driven by faculty-led class discussions and case-study analysis. Computer simulations, one-to-one coaching sessions, presentations, guest speakers and the Global Business Assignment also add to the mix, providing an exceptionally rich educational experience.




You are assessed through individual projects, essays and reports, examinations, class participation, group assignments and class presentations.

Your learning is complemented by a range of School clubs, social events, prestigious guest speakers and a family-friendly ethos.

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