Apply theoretical and practical skills to solve critical business issues


Apply the knowledge and skills you have gained on the LBS Sloan to a real-life business issue – either in your own organisation or in a company of your choice.


Carry out this optional elective project with the full support of a faculty member and create a report that showcases your high level of expertise.


Many company-sponsored LBS Sloan Fellows complete a project on a problem in their own organisation, relating it to their future role. LBS Sloan Fellows also use the independent project to build expertise, reputation and networks within a sector that they are looking to move into post-programme.


Previous Business Project topics have included:


  • the growth of social networking sites and the implications for marketers

  • a business plan for a new mobile telecoms company

  • achieving prosperity in post-conflict Chechnya

  • knowledge transfer in a multinational corporation

  • identifying key success factors for an FMCG product launch in an emerging market.