Whether you are taking on a C-suite role, changing industry or setting up a new business, the LBS Sloan will give you the skills and drive to exceed your goals and network with an exceptional peer group.

  • Are you a decision-maker who is accountable for results?
  • Are you a successful senior manager, professional or entrepreneur?
  • Are you looking for the skills and confidence to accelerate to a C-suite or board-level position, or to start your own business?
  • Do you lead critical projects and manage change within your organisation?
  • Would you fit into a highly experienced and diverse class of highly accomplished fellow students?
  • Do you have a passion for learning and the drive to set yourself apart?
  • Do you have more than 15 years’ experience?


Student motivations


Get the credentials  You’ve founded a successful global business but now require a formal business qualification to benchmark yourself against other senior executives and to team your natural flair for leadership with key business skills.

When it came to Matthew joining the family business his father wanted him to complete the same formal business qualification that had changed his life. Find out more »

Set up your own business  It’s been 25 years since you graduated and – after spending your career in one particular industry – you’re ready for a change.Jonathan Strauss diversified from the luxury watch industry to co-found, Deviehl. Find out more »
Reflector  At the top of your organisation you don’t often get the chance to learn from others. You want to expand your global network and gain inspiration from world-class faculty.After 20 years with the Indian Navy, Shrikumar Sangiah wanted time to reflect, learn and consider his career options. Find out more »

Accelerator  As director, you are looking to accelerate your career and gather new perspectives, tools and techniques to affect change and execute value-driving strategies within your organisation.Ivan Power changed his leadership approach and boosted his career. Find out more »
Changer  You want to move in to a new industry, function or global location without branching out on your own.After many years in consulting, Marcus Williams joined the media industry as General Manager. Find out more »