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What makes a great leader?

London Business School’s rigorous research is what allows us, and the leaders we produce, to have a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world.


Latest faculty research

Our faculty works at the forefront of innovative business thinking, influencing business leaders, managers and policy-makers across the globe, creating world-class research that explores the key practical and academic issues facing the business world.

As a student on one of our leadership programmes, you’ll have access to these thought leaders in global business. Our faculty are experts in their fields who are able to communicate their ideas in the classroom, debate theory, spark discussion and challenge convention.

Read some of our latest faculty research below:

Two lessons for leaders who want to drive profound growth

Want your people to achieve more than you thought was possible? Prioritise psychological safety and employee engagement

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Five E's of Effective leadership

Kim Thomas

Effective leaders must be able to envision, express, excite, enable and execute, says Randstad India CEO Paul Dupuis

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Are you sure you’re ready to lead?

Ben Laurence

Management and leadership are not the same thing. Knowing how to adapt to changing circumstances is essential

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Putting people at the heart of strategy to drive success

Kathy Brewis

Porsche Holding Salzburg maintains its position as the number one automotive distributor in Europe

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30 years on: what good leadership looks like

Ben Laurence

Hierarchical power is rare these days. Today’s leaders need be able to engender psychological safety and collaboration

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Flying through disruption

Rob Morris

British Airways’ Alex Cruz on steering the airline into uncharted digital airspace.

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How you can become a better leader

Herminia Ibarra

Start here and now if you want that great leadership role

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What is responsible business?

A closer look at what impact really means

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