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Fuelling future leaders

Subheading: Learn more about the financial support available to leaders of all levels at London Business School.

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Financing your journey

Our leadership students are a mix of sponsored and self-sponsored students. Most of our students get some kind of financial help, in the form of scholarships, sponsorship or loans.

There are many organisations that lend to London Business School students; for example, the Prodigy Finance Loan Programme is available to all leadership students to help them fund their programme.

We also have a range of scholarships available to leadership students of outstanding merit and achievement – use our funding search tool to find out more about these scholarships and your eligibility.

For sponsoring organisations

Sponsoring an employee on one of our leadership programmes, either with time out of the office, financial support, or both, is a major investment. It’s a commitment to creating future leaders, enhancing job satisfaction and improving employee retention.

Our leadership students are high-calibre individuals, quick to adopt the new skills they learn. As a result, your business will benefit from improved business perspectives, confidence, leadership, knowledge and creativity.

Your employees will return with the drive, expertise and passion to succeed, and access to a global alumni network of more than 44,000 business professionals in over 155 countries.

To find out more about sponsoring your employees, contact Juan Rosati, Business Development Manager, Degree Programmes:

Email: investintalent@london.edu

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