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Leading by example

Operating in various industries across all corners of the globe, our alumni hold leadership positions within some of the world’s most reputable organisations.

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From the forces to finance

7437_DE leadership student profiles_Tim Fox“From 1997 to 2011 I was part of the US Navy, working as a Surface Warfare Officer - a manager at sea on small warships like destroyers and frigates. In that capacity I ran a variety of units ranging from 15 to 100 people, managing operations, navigation, weapons, communications and propulsion engineering systems. During that time I had several other assignments, including becoming a human resources manager and studying for a master's degree in International Relations.”

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Seeing through the noise of human behaviour

7437_DE leadership student profiles_Evie Boustantzi“I joined the London Business School (LBS) EMBA Dubai programme as a manager in a management consulting Big Four firm; by the time I graduated from the course I was a Director and General Manager within the same industry. Then, two years ago, I was headhunted for my current role as the CEO of a government-owned organisation in Dubai. Employing over 1,900 staff across the United Arab Emirates, I am responsible for the vision, strategy and profit & loss of my organisation, covering the turnaround and growth of the business with new service lines to establish us as a key player within our market.”

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Filling in the gaps

7437_DE leadership student profiles_Florent Breton“The EMBA-Global programme gave me the academic knowledge that I was missing, even after 10 years of experience in international roles as an entrepreneur, a management consultant and a department manager. When walking into the programme, every single hour that we spent in class opened my mind and helped me look at things in a different way. It helped me to develop better strategies, sharpen my skills as an entrepreneur and gave me the knowledge to operate within the international business landscape, through navigating different campuses whilst working and studying out of Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong. These kind of academic experiences really reinforced my ability to operate in a much more intense international environment and pushed me to make a transition out of my comfort zone.”

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Taking a bold step forward

7437_DE leadership student profiles_Jo Farquaharson

“I came from a legal background, heading up the legal team at the Lawn Tennis Association, the national governing body for tennis in Great Britain, and going on to run their charity, the Tennis Foundation. After working in similar companies for over 14 years I decided I wanted to make a change. I was unsure as to exactly what I wanted to do, but knew that I wanted to take a step away from the working environment. Despite learning a lot on the job, I’d never had any specific business academic grounding and it was in this area that I wanted to further my skills. With this in mind, the LBS Sloan programme appeared to tick all my boxes.”

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