Put your learning into practice

How you spend the summer of your first year (June – September) could define your career, so make it count. 

Push yourself, find your strengths and gain new experiences in unfamiliar industries and roles through one of two valuable summer internship routes:

  • Summer Internships
  • Entrepreneurship Summer School

Rewarding summer internships

Accelerate your career progression through a summer internship in business.

Whether you want to try out a new industry, work abroad or develop skills in a particular area, an internship will make your summer a professionally rewarding experience. It is also an excellent opportunity to earn during the programme; students on summer internships earn on average £1,064 per week.* Find out more about summer internship stats in latest our employment report.

The majority of students access internship opportunities through London Business School’s Career Services team who have a wide and established network of companies from start up to large structured corporate programmes, all interested in our students. Others use personal contacts or access the School's wider network of students, alumni and industry contacts.


Entrepreneurship Summer School 

Every entrepreneurial venture starts with a good idea, but how do you turn that idea into successful business? This elective provides you with the opportunity to convert ideas and plans into viable businesses.  
You test the feasibility of an idea using field-based research and present your findings to a panel of angel investors, who offer you advice throughout the summer and appraise your ideas. A mentor provides with you with support as you hone your business proposal and build up your contacts.

If you are keen to  develop a business venture, then the Entrepreneurship Summer School is for you.

Visit the Entrepreneurship Summer School web pages to find out more.

*The level of income you earn is dependent on your skills and your choice of industry.


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