Military candidates

To succeed in today's business environment you must be able to differentiate yourself. Like the skills you've developed during your military career an MBA will provide a lifetime of return on investment. 

MBA students with a military background are highly sought after by our recruiters. The experience you will bring to the programme combined the average six years work experience that your peers offer, creates a challenging and diverse learning environment. Our MBA will equip you with the business capabilities and a life-changing learning experience along the way.

Funding and Scholarships

There are a variety of funding options available for any candidates with a military background. Find out more about scholarships below and about getting a loan.  

The London Business School Military Scholarship

Award: £30,000. 

Application Format: All candidates with a military background will be automatically considered for this award. 

This award is part of our portfolio of more than 60 scholarships available to London Business School's MBA students. For more information visit our Fees page.

  • FAQs for candidates from a military background

    Are there a certain number of military applicants that the School tries to bring in each year?

    We are actively trying to increase the number of applicants from a military background and there is certainly no limit. This is why we have developed a scholarship specifically for military students. From experience we know that the skills developed during military service are very successfully applied to graduate management education. We are keen to recruit more students who bring a unique perspective to the programme.

    In the application process, does military experience carry the same weight as business experience?

    Yes. We want people who can assume global leadership roles, not people who simply know about business disciplines. Leadership and management skills developed in the forces are highly regarded in the civilian world. In fact, many of the leadership and management training techniques first used by the Services, have been adopted by civilian organisations for the development of their staff.

    Do you count military service as work experience?


  • Film: Will McKensie's MBA experience

    A former member of the US Air Force, Will McKenzie discusses his decision to join the MBA programme at London Business School and the impact the experience has had on his future career. Will is currently a Country Manager (Gabon) at Bechtel Corporation.

  • Film: Stuart Bennett's MBA experience

    A former member of HMS Vegeance and 42 Commando Royal Marines, Stuart talks about his decision to join the MBA programme at London Business School and the impact the experience has had on his future career. Stuart is currently Director (Healthcare) at The Abraaj Group.


  • "I wanted to make myself more marketable for employers and increase my exposure to different business opportunities." Matt Wartenbe, MBA2015, former Captain in the US Marine Corps
  • "What I enjoyed most about life at LBS was being exposed to new ideas and careers, and having the opportunity to interact with truly brilliant people." Richard Huse, MBA2015, former  Flight Lieutenant and Aeronautical Engineering Officer, Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • “The programme gave me the time, space and framework to understand what drives me and where to position myself post-LBS. I arrived at LBS uncertain about where I was headed and left with a clear direction.” Lee-Ann Perkins, MBA2013, retired US Air Force Colonel 
  • “Discovering the world of business and meeting people from many industries are some of the best things about studying at LBS in London.” Francois Menudier, MBA2016, former Lieutenant Commander in the French Navy
  • “Learning about corporate finance and accounting gave me the confidence to talk the language of business.” Oliver Whitton, MBA2015, former Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy
  • “The School has an awesome student community where everyone cares about each other both professionally and generally.” Charles Sudborough, MBA2016, former Flight Lieutenant and Engineer in the British Royal Air Force

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