An innovative MBA to support your entrepreneurial growth

Entrepreneurs have never been more important in advancing the social and financial make-up of nations across the globe. 

According to the OECD small to medium-sized enterprises typically:

  • contribute 50% or more to GDP
  • account for 30% of exports
  • provide 60% of jobs 
  • create 70% of new employment opportunities.

Changing work and lifestyle preferences, rapidly developing technology and an increasingly interconnected world are some of the factors encouraging people to strike out on their own. With disruptive innovation on the rise, there have never been more opportunities for entrepreneurial minds with big ideas.


But the desire to be their own boss isn’t enough; successful entrepreneurs need the aptitude, mindset and expertise to tackle any business challenge and overcome all obstacles.

At LBS, our MBA gives you the skills, opportunities and resources to affect change, innovate and drive your company's growth.

Supporting your entrepreneurial vision

Core courses 

Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is key for success in business, that’s why we offer a specialised entrepreneurship Tailor Core course on our MBA.

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Customise your MBA

From Financing the Entrepreneurial Business, to Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, we have multiple electives designed specifically around the challenges of starting your own business. Here are two of our most popular offerings:

Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS)
A summer programme that enables you to develop the skills and insights needed to research your target market and industry when planning to launch a viable business. This competitive programme provides you with a robust methodology for assessing and shaping your venture and allows you time to discuss your idea with peers, investors, mentors and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Pathways to Start-up Success
This course explores the many dimensions of entrepreneurship and every aspect of launching a venture, from conceptualisation and development to managing a fledgling business. Understand the nuances of accounting, finance, managerial economics, marketing, operations management and organisational behaviour within a new venture.

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Global Business Experiences (GBE)

Where will your experience take you?

Applying theory to real-world context is essential for understanding the challenges facing organisations in developed and emerging markets. The faculty-led GBEs involve guest speakers, site and company visits, workshops, academic or project work, and opportunities to engage with LBS alumni and business leaders in six global locations. The trips to South Africa, India and Peru all are at least partly focused on an entrepreneurship.

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Build your business with LBS

Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE)


Aside from enabling market relevant research, the Institute provides ongoing support and resources for LBS students and alumni to develop and maintain extracurricular entrepreneurship activities.

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LBS Incubator


Put your entrepreneurial expertise to the test with the IIE and LBS’s innovative Incubator Programme. The programme provides professional, financial and logistical support to 11 start-ups each year. The programme has supported 78 business so far.

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Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence (EMiR)


Aside from a full programme of events that complement your learnings, we offer one-to-one sessions with expert entrepreneur mentors who come from a wide range of sectors and disciplines. They offer advice, support and guidance throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

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Student Activities


Join some of the student clubs and conferences that are relevant to your business. For example:
• Entrepreneurship Club
• Tech and Media Club 
• Net Impact Club 
• Entrepreneurship Forum
• e-Commerce Conference

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Tell Series


Attend talks on entrepreneurial leadership, showcasing successful entrepreneurs’ personal stories of building high-growth businesses.

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Get tips on entrepreneurship from the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award winners.

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