Many of our MBA students source some kind of sponsorship from their employer for their MBA studies. That’s why creating a coherent and compelling business case is pivotal before approaching your organisation.

While the benefits may seem obvious to you, it is vitally important that you articulate them clearly to your employer, so you can justify the tuition fees and your time spent away from the office.

By drawing on the experiences of past students and our own business expertise, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you make the best possible case for receiving financial support, or securing a salary sacrifice agreement.

Download the MBA business case guide for detailed information on securing support from your employer.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I eligible for the programme? 

  • Who will be making the sponsoring decision? 

  • What level of support already exists? 

  • How does the programme fit the needs of the business? 

  • How does the programme fit with my career development?

  • Why an MBA at London Business School? 

  • What will I bring back to my organisation? 

  • What commitment am I asking for from my employer? 

  • What commitment I am prepared to make to my employer? 

Making your case

Every business demands different information, but there are specific issues that you must address, regardless of industry, in order to ensure you have the best possible business case.

  • Identify and demonstrate the value and benefits of the programme to your organisation, your unit, your department, your team and to you.  

  • Make a comprehensive statement of commitment required by your employer.

  • Illustrate your commitment to your employer, both during and after the programme.

If an employer wishes to have a direct point of contact at the School to answer any questions or concerns, or to build a relationship with London Business School, they should contact:


Juan Rosati, Degree Education
Business Development Manager
Tel: +44 (0)207 000 7582

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