Making London your classroon

Real-world exposure is key to translating theory into practice. During the London Business Challenge Week you will get hands-on through company visits, case studies and a market simulation.

Company visits

Tour world-class, London-based financial organisations and participate in a live case study in-situ, exploring challenges and issues specific to each company.


Case study

Put your market skills to the test using real-world financial industry technology to compete with your classmates in managing a portfolio.


Market simulation

Experience real-world market forces in a competitive environment through market simulation software used in training the industry professionals. Working in teams, you’ll manage a portfolio as you experience market volatility as it responds to global events.

Track your performance as you face opportunities and ethical dilemmas. Assess how you manage risk given a set of protocols and how you respond to changing degrees of pressure. You will also be tested on how you communicate with your clients and how you effectively work in your team. Get a first-hand feel for market volatility as you follow asset price movement.

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