The fundamentals of finance

Build a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of key concepts to expand your financial knowledge.

Personal Assessment and Development

Develop the skills and attributes you need to succeed in a global business environment. Various tools, including a NEO personality traits test and a 360˚ survey, build your awareness of your strengths and areas for development, and illuminate your preferred ways of working with others. A challenging away day brings the class together to help develop your study groups into effective, supportive learning teams. You also design an action plan to guide your development throughout the programme.

Data Analytics for Finance

Enhance your understanding of how to interpret and analyse finance statistics, during lectures and interactive workshops. Develop techniques to assess risk, inference, significance, regressions and model credibility with confidence.

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Master a fundamental aspect of finance on our pre-programme accounting course, which immerses you for an invigorating learning environment at LBS.

Analyse financial information and judge a firm’s prospects based on performance, patterns in their financial statements, profit drivers, assets and obligations. Our core financial analysis course underpins everything you do on the programme, familiarising you with the language of finance and giving you the expertise to scrutinise company reports. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use financial information in various decision-making settings

  • Develop the skills and techniques necessary to analyse financial information and to draw inferences about a firm’s past performance and future prospects

  • Read and analyse a company’s financial statements, to measure company profitability and identify the drivers of profitability, and to assess the adequacy of the company’s assets to meet its obligations

  • Understand the main sources of reporting choices and creativity in accounting practice, and to know how to control for this when analysing, valuing and comparing several firms.


Learn the frameworks for financial decision-making through a robust understanding of the principles and practice of financial management. You study topics including advanced theories in the valuation of investments, management of portfolios and risk management strategies. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the principle of “no-arbitrage” and why this is an important concept for valuing financial assets

  • Calculate the value of risk-free and riskless cash flow streams, including those accruing to real investment projects and financial assets

  • Calculate and hedge an asset or liability’s exposure to changes in interest rates

  • Understand why the term structure of interest rates and forward interest rates are important

  • Explain the theoretical basis for modern portfolio theory, the basics of its implementation and some important limitations

  • Model and evaluate portfolio risk using factor models

  • Value forward and futures contracts using the principle of no-arbitrage

  • Value options using replicating portfolios, binomial option pricing, and the Black-Scholes model.

Corporate Finance and Valuation

Understand the corporate investment and financing decisions of different companies through project appraisal and firm valuation, financial structure, and pay-out policy. Apply this learning when studying and dissecting case studies of real companies, and test your assumptions and judgements with your peer group and faculty. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Assess the merits of real investments using a range of methods

  • Compute corporate and project-level costs of capital

  • Value corporate targets using discounted cash flow and multiples-based methods

  • Analyse financial structure decisions at a quantitative level

  • Analyse credit risk at a quantitative level

  • Understand the incentive effects of leverage decisions

  • Understand the role of information in financial decisions

  • Analyse corporate payout policy.

The Purpose of Finance

Reflect on the finance industry’s purpose, examine the challenges it faces from critics, regulation and technology and explore the big issues shaping the industry.


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