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Yilan Deng

  • Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Nationality: Chinese

Yilan holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Peking University, China. Before joining London Business School (LBS), she worked as a Senior Compliance Officer in the Investment Centre, State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). Throughout her six-year work experience in day-to-day monitoring asset management and investment process, she focused on researching global regulations, identifying potential risk factors, investigating and researching internal and external risk events, and providing advice for risk management solutions and overall business line improvement.

Yilan decided to join LBS to deepen her understanding of finance and build a systematic business-mind framework. She believed that a good command of financial knowledge and her software engineering background could improve her competitive edge and help to gain intellectual decisions in Fintech regulations. She is also attracted to the LBS global alumni network and diversity in various professional backgrounds, geographical culture and different thinking ways. She is a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship.

In addition to being a Student Ambassador, Yilan is also a member of the Women in Business Club and Business & Government Club.