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Amaka Ukoha

  • Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Amaka holds a Masters in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Before joining London Business School (LBS), she worked in the investment management team of a leading pension fund in Nigeria, Sigma Pensions, where she was responsible for identifying new investment targets across the fixed income and equity markets (consumer goods).

Amaka decided to join LBS to gain a methodical approach to finance, exposure to a broader range of specialisation in the financial sector and build on her knowledge base in key areas of interest where she presently lacks experience. The programme also provides her ample flexibility in its design and awards her the freedom to choose courses based on her interests and future career path. Another major selling point for her was the ability to undertake the Masters in Finance (MiF) in a culturally diverse environment to consolidate and expand her professional network. Amaka is a recipient of the Masters in Finance Merit Scholarship.

Amaka recently joined the Africa club and looks forward to volunteering at the Africa Business Summit. She is also a member of the Investment Management Club, Finance Club, Women in Business Club and the Impact Consulting Club. Amaka loves reading, visiting museums, exploring different cuisines and enjoys listening to classical music in her spare time.