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Whether it’s visiting spice merchants in Kolkata or engaging in PE treks to Hong Kong, LBS clubs create cutting-edge experiences. Travel the world with insider knowledge on a global trek. Test your new leadership skills and discover where you can make the greatest impact.

Make lasting ties with life-long memberships - our active alumni and professional interest networks keep you connected far beyond your student years.


Student-led events

Immerse yourself. Whether you are a student, alumni, faculty member or professional, LBS’s student-led conferences provide opportunities to debate, network and share ideas with entrepreneurs, government leaders, industry pioneers and policy makers.

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Look beyond business to discover real cultural treasures. A flamboyant celebration of all that makes LBS great, Tattoo is an annual highlight in our community calendar.  Each student club brings their passion to the evening’s proceedings - everything from Brazilian bossa nova to Spanish salsa - in a vibrant display of LBS diversity, dancing and entertainment.

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