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Set and shape strategy that works

“There is a magic to discipline”: heading up talent acquisition in an adhocracy

By London Business School

Porsche Holding Salzburg maintains its position as the number one automotive distributor in Europe

By Kathy Brewis

Most companies realise they must innovate or be left behind. Easier said than done? Here’s how

By John Dore

The digital revolution has brought in a new dimension to the challenge of ensuring responsible behaviour

By Ioannis Ioannou

National strategies for artificial intelligence vary considerably. What are the global implications of different countries’ approaches?

By Abhijit Akerkar

Viniculture is male-dominated. So why are these women celebrating?

By Isabel Fernandez-Mateo

What will the year ahead bring for you and your business?

By Tammy Erickson

Want your employees to feel a sense of purpose? Make it plausible, permanent and practical

By Dan Cable

All that information… what exactly should you be doing with it?

By Oded Koenigsberg

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