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Set and shape strategy that works

Former head of innovation at a UK think tank who now advises government on policy – and how to implement it

By Nick Mickshik

Co-founder of ZINC VC explains why it builds companies that tackle the developed world’s toughest problems

By Alex Falconer

The customer-driven world does not revolve around what CEOs want. What are the implications of being interconnected?

By Michael G Jacobides

One-time would-be journalist who ‘accidentally’ got into tech is now a market-leading technology investor

By Matt Munday

“There is a magic to discipline”: heading up talent acquisition in an adhocracy

By London Business School

Porsche Holding Salzburg maintains its position as the number one automotive distributor in Europe

By Kathy Brewis

Most companies realise they must innovate or be left behind. Easier said than done? Here’s how

By John Dore

The digital revolution has brought in a new dimension to the challenge of ensuring responsible behaviour

By Ioannis Ioannou

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