London Business School Review


In conversation with Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott

By London Business School

In conversation with Freek Vermeulen, Costas Markides and Michael Davies

By London Business School

Individuals, organisations and governments are taking notice of happiness. Find out how you and your organisation can be happier

By Dan Cable

A panel of experts discuss the impact of AI

By Michael G Jacobides

How companies can stay relevant and thrive over the next 10 years

By Sharon Doherty

In conversation with Dan Cable

By Dan Cable

Speaking to Julian Birkinshaw, Mike Bracken shares the challenges of turning a civil service website into an intuitive user experience

By Julian Birkinshaw

This podcast is a London Business School lecture with Madan Pillutla, Professor of Organisational Behaviour on the art of negotiation

By Madan Pillutla

Which stock market investments do best?

By Elroy Dimson

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