London Business School Review


In conversation with Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott

By London Business School

In conversation with Freek Vermeulen, Costas Markides and Michael Davies

By London Business School

Companies that wanted to contribute to society used to receive short shrift from investors. But not anymore

By Ioannis Ioannou

A panel of experts discuss the impact of AI

By Michael G Jacobides

Speaking to Julian Birkinshaw, Mike Bracken shares the challenges of turning a civil service website into an intuitive user experience

By Julian Birkinshaw

Should your business be investing in machine-learning technologies?

By Julian Birkinshaw

Will low-cost and simple investment advice from machines boost financial inclusion?

By Julian Birkinshaw

Gary Hamel and Julian Birkinshaw discuss radical change for big corporations

By Julian Birkinshaw

Extra services do not always mean customer satisfaction

By Freek Vermeulen

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