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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

Five ways to bring your monitoring process into the 21st century

By Costas Markides

To unleash automation’s decision-making potential we must examine its limitations

By Nicos Savva

Productivity growth is throttled by organisational red tape. Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini know how to untangle it

By Gary Hamel

Big organisations should think less about top-down strategy and allow more freedom at the grassroots

By Julian Birkinshaw

From manufacturing dredging tools for scallop trawlers to cleaning up decommissioned nuclear power stations

By Kathy Brewis

What is the basis of competitive advantage in today’s business landscape? Many observers say it is the power to harness information.

By Julian Birkinshaw

Steve McGuirk’s transformation of the fire service led to cost savings and fewer fires

By Kathy Brewis

How can employees take the lead in innovation? Julian Birkinshaw and Lisa Duke found some inspiring examples of employee-led innovation.

By Julian Birkinshaw

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