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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

Bouygues Telecom’s strategy director Edward Bouygues on running a family business for short- and long-term success

By Andrew Murray-Watson

In this podcast series, Julian Birkinshaw explores the business applications of artificial intelligence.

By London Business School

Exposing the inner workings of machine learning allows us to take full advantage of artificial intelligence

By Abhijit Akerkar

Doctor whose entrepreneurial spirit made her quit medicine to become a pharmaceutical CEO

By Aine Doris

Global comms expert who surfs sectors, cultures and geography to help companies remove barriers to growth

By Annette MacKenzie

Award-winning CEO building a great African institution through digital transformation

By Steve Coomber

Former head of innovation at a UK think tank who now advises government on policy – and how to implement it

By Nick Mickshik

A RIA winner’s role in securing the Internet of Things

By Will Grahame-Clarke

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