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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

How to get beyond business-as-usual to a creative breakthrough: be real, angry, paranoid. Be a thief and be yourself

By Jessica Spungin

Want to be more creative? Start with these books chosen by LBS faculty

By Pier Vittorio Mannucci

Sharon Doherty, Global Organisation & People Development Director, Vodafone, addresses common concerns for organisations facing disruption

By Sharon Doherty

Porsche Holding Salzburg maintains its position as the number one automotive distributor in Europe

By Kathy Brewis

British Airways’ Alex Cruz on steering the airline into uncharted digital airspace.

By Rob Morris

How Randstad is using tech to increase its human interactions with job seekers and recruiters

By Rob Morris

Fineazy’s Monique Baars on how she learnt to hustle

By Jeff Skinner

In 1998, Zvi Nachum created a device that eases period pains. It then took him more than 20 years to bring it to market. Here’s why

By Zvi Nachum

Human beings are wired to innovate, yet most organisations stifle those urges

By Dan Cable

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