London Business School Review


Get set for tomorrow’s financial world

An emerging research field can help people make better financial decisions

By David Faro

Award-winning CEO building a great African institution through digital transformation

By Steve Coomber

Pioneering social inclusion innovator with a vision to radically redefine the traditional concept of a bank

By Steve Coomber

Chris Higson explores whether or not to slash rates is the right way for nations to attract big businesses

By Chris Higson

Kweku Adoboli is the latest in a long line of City traders convicted of fraud. How do they justify their actions – and can it be prevented?

By Lisa Shu

When money is tight, it pays to be your own banker, explains Rui Silva

By Rui Silva

New research by Ralph Koijen of LBS identifies shadow insurance as a key area of risk.

By Ralph S J Koijen

Why don’t companies invest more when the interest rate goes down?

By Chris Higson

The Chinese currency, the Yuan, is now the fifth global reserve currency.

By Linda Yueh

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