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Get set for tomorrow’s financial world

The latest Global Investment Returns Yearbook yields some surprising insights into varying returns around the world.

By Elroy Dimson

With increasing automation, how can firms attract and retain the best?

By Narayan Naik

Achieving gender balance requires change at every level

By Emily Cloney

Machine learning is opening up new avenues in behavioural finance – but human curiosity and intelligence are still essential

By AQR Asset Management Institute

Once viewed as an illiquid asset class and best avoided, private equity is now characterised by high performance and exemplary governance

By Eli Talmor

Without formal regulatory oversight, can investors have confidence in so-called initial coin offerings?

By Emmanuel De George

A new form of impact investing would see investment capital deployed to address the needs of fragile populations

By Katherine Brown

Conventional banking is safer than a decade ago but risk from the non-banking sector could spread to the rest of the global financial system

By Richard Portes

New research finds the practice of benchmarking in the asset management industry affects corporate investment and other decisions

By Anna Pavlova

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