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An appetite for change, political willpower and healthy debate. What’s missing?

The latest Global Investment Returns Yearbook yields some surprising insights into varying returns around the world.

By Elroy Dimson

What will the impact of digital technology be on the world of global business?

By Julian Birkinshaw

The machines are coming... but there’s still hope for the rest of us

By Lynda Gratton

A new form of impact investing would see investment capital deployed to address the needs of fragile populations

By Katherine Brown

Conventional banking is safer than a decade ago but risk from the non-banking sector could spread to the rest of the global financial system

By Richard Portes

What will the year ahead bring for you and your business?

By Tammy Erickson

David Lubin sets out his vision for emerging economies

By Will Grahame-Clarke

LBS faculty recommend essential books for the holidays and beyond

By Will Grahame-Clarke

A chihuahua inspires research into influencer marketing

By Andrea Galeotti

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