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An appetite for change, political willpower and healthy debate. What’s missing?

Variably priced educational vouchers would create a competitive market, transforming the UK’s economy and society

By Jules Goddard

Public trust in institutions may be in short supply right now, but it’s a necessary ingredient for prosperity. How can we get it back?

By Elias Papaioannou

How British companies in a post-Brexit world can attract overseas talent

By Rob Morris

This research shows the 10 manufacturing industries with the most, and least, redeployable assets. Stormy weather results in economic gloom

By Howard Kung

Nigel Nicholson explores what really goes on during political campaigns – and what business leaders can learn from the process

By Nigel Nicholson

Richard Portes examines Trumpenomics: the president’s likely impact on trade, tax and the dollar.

By Richard Portes

Africa’s development is still patchy despite decades of foreign investment. Why?

By Kathy Brewis

How LBS’s Raja Patnaik is using the weather to pour cold water on one of the business world’s enduring myths.

By Rob Morris

How facing the facts about chronically indebted member-countries can bring stability to the eurozone.

By Lucrezia Reichlin

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