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Research suggests women may choose to work in different sorts of firms than men – those with flat hierarchies and a culture of collaboration

By Nigel Nicholson

Gender parity is still a way off. But encouraging more men into the debate could help bring it closer

By Eliot Sherman

Dan Cable and Richard Jolly take Brexit as a case in point for change

By Dan Cable

Put this ultimate seven-point strategy to work as part of your daily routine

By Jeff Archer

More change is coming, say our experts, so be prepared for another challenging year.

By Richard Jolly

In a multi-stage working life, it’s more important than ever to act on your authentic choices.

By Anna Johnston

If mindfulness was a measured objective for executives, would the business world be a better place?

By Peter Danby

Seven book recommendations spanning social psychology, science and history on leading change.

By Richard Jolly

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