London Business School Review


Leaders are responsible for creating an environment people can succeed in.

By Randall S Peterson

Lynda Gratton examines technology’s impact on the traditional managerial role

By Lynda Gratton

The reasoning behind performance-based pay is to encourage executives to go above and beyond.

By Alex Edmans

Good customer experience improves profits and the reputation it accumulates over time ensures the long-term survival of a business.

By Sikander Shaukat

For Jeremy Hunt, the solution to Britain’s low productivity is simple. Work more hours and GDP will skyrocket.

By Linda Yueh

Investors like to know where revenue is coming from. This thinking is probably what has led Google to re-structure.

By Julian Birkinshaw

How can truly innovative strategies be developed?

By Chris Styles

New research finds that when a firm is bankrupt it has an impact on its supply chain – as well as on employees and shareholders.

By Steve Coomber

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