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The gap between the owners and managers of listed companies is narrowing and that can only be a good thing

By Julian Franks

When myths are demystified, they teach us about reality. Here, the business of family firms does the same.

By Nigel Nicholson

Dominic Houlder and Nandu Nandkishore examine corporate purpose, and importantly, explain what it isn’t.

By Dominic Houlder

Julian Birkinshaw,interviewed Brian Robertson, organisational consultant and author of Holacracy

By Julian Birkinshaw

There are many examples of unreasonable people in the world of business.

By Julian Birkinshaw

30 years ago, Michael Jensen, of Harvard Business School, predicted “the eclipse of the public corporation”. It has happened.

By Julian Franks

LBS' Costas Markides, supplies his best 8 books on strategy and entrepreneurship.

By Costas Markides

Good customer experience improves profits and the reputation it accumulates over time ensures the long-term survival of a business.

By Sikander Shaukat

What are the parallels between traffic jams and the indecisive, slow-moving meetings that clog up our agenda?

By Julian Birkinshaw

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