London Business School Review

Leading economists consider how attitudes have changed and what the future might hold, in discussion with Linda Yueh

By Linda Yueh

Richard Portes explains how risk in the financial system can escalate and how you might avoid disaster

By Richard Portes

An emerging research field can help people make better financial decisions

By David Faro

How operations management can strengthen a well-intended but controversial anti-collusion regulation from the 1970s

By Nitish Jain

20 years from now, most consumption could be virtual, says WeChat’s founder

By Julian Birkinshaw

How private equity has influenced the investment landscape

By Will Grahame-Clarke

Big corporations wanting to learn from entrepreneurial ventures should consider these four points

By James Price

Julian Birkinshaw explores why businesses built on networks and marketplaces are rewriting the strategic playbook today

By Julian Birkinshaw

Entrepreneurship has had a long path to respectability. John Mullins explores the journey

By John Mullins

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