London Business School Review

Professor of Management Science and Operations

What will the year ahead bring for you and your business?

By Tammy Erickson

Should your business be investing in machine-learning technologies?

By Julian Birkinshaw

Investment in data science can reap great rewards. If it doesn’t yield what you hope for, ask where you’re going wrong

By Nicos Savva

To unleash automation’s decision-making potential we must examine its limitations

By Nicos Savva

Midwives’ decisions can determine the level of care expectant mothers receive

By Nicos Savva

Nicos Savva identifies one way in which online review platforms are flawed

By Nicos Savva

Choosing to grow something that is perishable is risky. Having better price information can reduce the risk.

By Kamalini Ramdas

Find out how students from London Business School worked with the NHS to improve maternity services and delivery of cancer treatment

By Nicos Savva

Nicos Savva uses mathematics and economics to build models that help companies manage strategic challenges

By Nicos Savva

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