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Professor of Organisational Behaviour (on leave from London Business School)

Our evolutionary past may hold clues to men’s tendency to be more dishonest in certain situations

By Madan Pillutla

This podcast is a London Business School lecture with Madan Pillutla, Professor of Organisational Behaviour on the art of negotiation

By Madan Pillutla

Keep these five key points in mind and you’ll be able to handle any negotiation with confidence

By Ena Inesi

Madan Pillutla’s research pinpoints intriguing motives behind apparently transparent hiring decisions

By Madan Pillutla

Influencing people to choose what you want them to, and how deliberation style alters group decisions

By Madan Pillutla

More change is coming, say our experts, so be prepared for another challenging year.

By Richard Jolly

It’s that time of year again. But how many of us actually keep the promises we make to ourselves?

By Madan Pillutla

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